Friday, 11 February 2011

Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius...

"The mirror troubled the depths of a corridor..."

"From the remote depths of the corridor, the mirror spied upon us. We discovered (such a discovery is inevitable in the late hours of the night) that mirrors have something monstrous about them..."

One avenue traversed and re-mapped, a wandering on the first path of the Labyrinths volume of short stories, Jorge Luis Borges.


(These were made, or something, shot maybe, ugh, on Fuji Super HR 100 [fig 1], "Official film of World Cup 1990, Italia", which I think lends them an air of solemnity! The film was intentionally over-exposed, according to the camera's ideas of normal or correct exposure that is, to try and compensate for the rather large gap in expiry and shoot date, the photos were taken a few weeks ago, Jan 11, expiry was Jan 92 [fig 2]. Maybe I should have waited another year for another corridor and another light... there, that seems like something a photo-blogger would type about)

Fig 1
Fig 2

Until our coordinates converge again dear (fictional...?) reader, I remain an Inhabitant of Space, for you.