Friday, 11 February 2011

Soundless Sayings... A lesson in tolerance, perception, and insight, perhaps. (?)

The following images are not meant to read as crude literal illustrations to accompany the text. I just wanted to share both image and text, (the photographs are of my own taking, the text borrowed from Dauenhauer borrowing from Merleau-Ponty in Silence; The Phenomenon, and its Ontological Significance.) in a sort of exercise in the juxtapositions of image and text...

Put very simply, what interests me is;
Absence and Presence 

"Nothing, no side of a thing, shows itself except by actively hiding the others,
denouncing them in an act of concealing them."


"To see is a matter of principle to see farther than one sees, to reach a latent existence."


"The invisible is the outline and the depth of the visible."

"The visible does not admit of pure positivity any more than the invisible does"        


 "In both of these dimensions,
presence and absence, 
             the world and its things 
                  call for interrogation."

"This interrogation is, in principle, interminable because the call is interminable"


"Interrogation is jointly constituted by discourse and silence. The world itself must exist in the interrogative mode, that is, as an open field for inquiry"

"The world itself, like man, is not all of a piece. 

Both the being of a man and the being of the world are constituted by both positivity and negativity. Each of these as the reverse of the other, encroaches on the other. 

The negative is not the denial of the positive, but rather its depth.

In both the being of man and in that of the world, there a paradoxical identity in difference, an identity of the visible and the invisible"

"Man himself is constituted by both a positive and a negative element, distinctly human performances will all similarly manifest these two elements"

"Being, simultaneously, in man, in the world, and in their intersection, reveals and conceals"

  I wish I could see you...