Sunday, 5 February 2012

Back Issue

A very brief examination of motive/motif

As it may be apparent scant visitors, I've been looking back at 'old work' recently, for the practical reasons of cleansing my hard drive (no intended word-play), though as a seasoned procrastinator I haven't erased, condensed or filed a single pixel, apart from those which have ended up here.

Reading through over 10,000 work-related visual bits of my own making, and a time-span of some 5 years, it's an undertaking which understandably swallows evenings at a time. Frustrating when still nothing 'gets done' with them. So perhaps this is what I'm doing here then, some kind of catalogue and additionally something to show for lost hours.

Recurring themes; what predictably had its roots in self-exploration, became self-definition based on those closest to me.

Evolving into direct questioning of those important people, our shared experiences, and the notion of understanding itself.

 It seems now, that when I became comfortable with the ideas of shared understanding, and actually just being comfortable with those closest to me, particularly #2, that the 'work' then came to be more focused on us two, together, as bound objects in space, to put it awfully, lazily, and tiredly. It goes from defining yourself in parallel with those who aren't you, to binding them with you in this skewed search of acceptance. When this happened we then had to turn our attentions to the spaces we physically sought and found ourselves striving to be securely integrated with/in...
It is this place, or non-place, or dream of a place, that we find ourselves to be in now, separately,  individually, insecurely.