Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Just scanning over this thing's current "first page" it seems I have a messy approximation of a blog on my hands. Jumping from dreams, woe, past excursions and recent pieces of (art) work... Far be it for me to accost myself into cleaning it up (again) and make some sense of it, here I shall proceed to mess it up further by jumping back in time (almost as far back as this) to 2012 and, in place of verbose tales of depression, over-eating and lost hope, here lie examples of artistic inspiration, Polish style. 

Things I saw, largely on the walls of one student exhibition in Wrocław Contemporary Museum (a giant old air raid shelter outside the city centre, next to a pretty fantastic vertical sculpture of a train, I only saw it at night but the red lights and the size of it all were immense) and also walking around (possibly unauthorised) the corridors of the city’s Art university, student work again.

There was something in the work that reminded me slightly of the scrapbook nature of some of my collages, instead of inducing in me feelings of inadequacy and guilt for not making marks more regularly, it literally inspired me to stop in an art shop the next day, purchase a little briefcase type yellow folder, some grey and red pens, and, as luck would have it, some very discounted Polish books (one of which seems like a dentist’s manual, complete with cool illustrations of all the tools and exciting diagrams of teeth!), a stick of glue AND some tape.

Anyway, some of the things that caught my eye over a December weekend of eye catching sights (there are some taken from an earlier weekend at the end of October in Warzawa too, which appear first, chronology and all that, perhaps I'll put the rest of the Warzawa photographs up someday, that was a truly beautiful weekend).

(apologies for low resolution, iphone 3 will take the fall)

(my stumps)

(my silhouette)

(beautiful Marlene Dumas at the Zachęta National Gallery)



Moving on to Wrocław

(examples of students work from the Set Design course at the Arts University, SET DESIGN!)


The following comes from the Contemporary Museum, I especially enjoy the feeling of just looking in on someone's work mid-flow, pre-completion, however protracted and changeable that state may be. I always feel my own work exists in that phase, either undone or accidentally complete and potentially translating.

Bits of things stuck down, clippings, negatives, ambiguous personal and borrowed photographs, stolen words, awkward juxtapositions and tentative lines drawn, loose connections, red, black and all the in-betweens.

Here's my little box of treasures, since much altered and expanded (since my return to the UK and moves from south to north to south again).

And here are some scraps, from different times, in different places, media and such like, enjoy the mess.