Thursday, 30 January 2014

Diolch Ionawr (Time, oh thee!)

I feel like embarking on a series, or, a mini-series, sort of detailing artists, photographers, possibly writers, musicians and filmmakers too (though for the moment I only have actual envisaged plans for the first two categories of creators) whose ‘work’ I really admire, enjoy ‘spectating’, and occasionally love. I’m feeling kind of inspired to make things again, and a big part of that is getting excited when I see certain types of artworks, read particular books, watch beautiful films etc.,. I’m three months free of mind-altering narcotics (in strictly pharmaceutical terms at least!), I sometimes have energy and the desire to expend it well, since Christmas I’ve run several times and been on a few 20mile+ cycles, I’m reading bits, and in love with music again. The wheel is turning slowly, but it seems in a favourable direction, the ride is mostly fine anyway.

So, this series, (I’ll hopefully grapple with that in the next few days) I’m thinking it might spur me on properly to start making things with the frequency and fervour of my adolescence. I’ve made some drawings, there are plans for light-boxes, and the little book (started waaaaaay back when!) is approaching 50 pages (I think) and is sporadically pruned and spreading… If none of that is achieved, at least there’ll be a place in the internet with all the things I love in one place, and I’ll get to share some pieces of my visual-art-love.

What is this then you exclaim, not merely another nod to things I’d like to be doing but aren’t presently, surely?!!? Alright calm down I’ll tell you, part of it is me wondering what this ‘blog’ has become, is it now just a place for “I did this, I went there, I feel happy, I feel sad” (which, isn’t necessarily bad…)? I had intended it to be a sort of art website initially see, reader, and that it certainly is no longer. My recent zeal for making again, has me thinking I could do with having a place for all my makings, past and future. I’m thinking about saving a place for my ramblings (usually mood related and supplemented by snapshots) and another space for my (ramblings of course, and) ‘creations’- pages, bits, photomontage, assemblage, paintings and drawings, you know the drill…

For today the decision remains unmade, but I will leave you with some bits of recently, it’s been a crazy few weeks. I met a fellow human who plays no small part in my inspiration’s re-ignition. I feel excited, finally here is someone who cares about making things, photographs, graphics, who wasn’t just one of those people who went to university to make things because it afforded them money and the ability to not actually work. A person I can talk to about art’s idiocies, beauty, and why we need to do what we do. It’s good to know someone who is as excited as I am, and who is as excited to see what I make as I am to be wanting to make them again! Somebody to go on adventures with, to escape our little valleys, and voice our lofty dreams to. On a beach or a mountain, near a fire, with vegan milky cocoa, and adventure-fuelling tasty snacks…

Monday January 13th; documenting Alien invasion, Y Barri.

Sunday, January 19th; elemental explorers, Llyn Y Fan Fach

Monday January 20th;twisted fire-starters, Pembrey beach

Sunday January 26th; Hail! Snow-blind, Trecastle Road (en route to the Usk)

Monday January 27th, Birds and the beach, Mumbles