Monday, 23 November 2015

Respectful Wishes

Whoa... You ever read something written when you were stupid-drunk and kind of go "whoa". Part impressed with the world's worst legible poem, but, also, mystified... I don't know how to delete Messenger "conversations" on my phone so that certain people aren't top of the list and accidentally accessible... Bear with me....Sorry you had to deal with that... In the interests of "dealing", though, I think it's right for me to say that you were right,  you did hurt me, though, you know well you're not the only human here... Sorry you have to deal with that now too.... No nuance from Jones... Try and have a light Christmas Cole.

I think it's natural on some human level, to want, to try to redeem yourself, but, how does a person do that, with no redeeming features, to one, now, irretrievably lost?
And why? When that person just doesn't care? Respect their wishes to be left in peace? Though, who respects my wishes to share my piece?
Respectfully of course...
Irrespective of this mess, these people never care enough of me, to ever question, wonder or worry...

That's ok.

I'll never make anybody sorry.