Saturday, 1 August 2015

Un(e)known Landscape - 07/14

I failed, reader.
I meant to re-cap, month on month, last year, each month of this paired with images of last year's.
July wasn't long enough for me, I have been busy, reader, stuffing my gut and wetting my face, wallowing in that particular filth.
We are in a trough at present, reader, here;
A Depression.

So, explanations aside, here we are, a day out of date, still, "best befores" are a little conservative for us, right then...

There is little more tedious than having to travel through the Holiday albums of others. 
There are few as tedious as those (I, <this one>) who hungrily devour the landscape in search of some alchemical ambience, an atmosphere to bottle, that sad, lonely, misguided wanderer, with her satchel of 5 cameras...

["Take it in, live it up, make it count!"]

But what's the good of going to Malta, shall you be any different in yourself, in another place? You'll be the same there as you are here.
How am I here?
Why you're all the time grinding yourself against something inside you. You're never free. You're never content. You never stop chafing.
Perhaps I don't.
Then what's the use of going somewhere else. You won't change yourself.
I may in the end.
You'll be yourself whether it's Malta or London.

There's a doom for me. p. 126

Polaroid 600 one-step cam with impossible project colour film;

Kodak disposable camera;

Kodak waterproof disposable camera;

The trusty iphone 5;

Olympus digi SLR

So, that's that, basically... Last photos, iphone 5 and iphone 3;