Sunday, 21 June 2015


(Everything that has been leads to now.)

Picking up where I left off; here, Mayday, here are my visuals from the month of June, last year. 
It helps me, to sort, to distort, time, always this time, getting the better of me and of you.

Mayday was almost two months ago, I had only just returned from Brussels, late the evening before, all that madness. In between there was so much feeling!

I am amazed I'm ok.

Now, today, it's the longest day of the year... I managed to mark it with a 6 mile jog, receiving parting post from Ibrahim, and writing one to him, plus, of course, this humble post.

The specifics of what pained me last year have passed.

What hurts this week, might hurt less next. That is something to concentrate on. Rather than detrimental "should"s and "could"s.

Time, come on then you little bugger!

Tuesday 3rd June 2014 - Walk to and picnic in Mumbles with Joaninha (Ladybird)

There was a week or so in June 2014, where I had this crazy bout of sickness, light-headed, low blood pressure, it sort of rolled on from the chest infection of the last days at Nero, and turned in to a more debilitating thing. 
After spending that (beauteous) Tuesday with Jo in Mumbles, and planning to visit her the following week in Cardiff for a picnic in Bute park (her favourite place in the city), the infection worsened, becoming an UTI infection possibly due to my dehydrated, general "run-down-ness", and I was bed-bound for more than a week, subsiding on orange calypos and guava juice. 
I had amazingly vivid febrile dreams.
I wrote a little about it; here.

I never saw Jo again.

When I got a little strength back Tim took me out into the sun, one day we had a lovely picnic and swim in Llangennith, an empty weekday, and another we strolled a little while in Rhossili too, before picking up chips in town and eating them on a breezy hill away from the sun-worshipers at sea's side.

 At some point, in the last week of June I think (photos are film so there's no "date stamp" or GPS coordinates, fancy that!), we went to Angle in Pembrokeshire, to stay with my dad in the caravan and help out with stuff down there. It wasn't a long trip, a couple of days, but we went out onto the sea in vessels, and, the sun shone on us there too.

I am so grateful to Tim and all he did for us last year. It wasn't an easy year, lots of illnesses and little employment. He took good care of me and for the most part, being an easy going sort of fella, his good spirits often helped me gain perspective of the simpler things in life, without getting so down on myself, all of the time.

I can't believe it's been a whole year.
Jo has a baby girl now.
I have a decent job.
Living in Cardiff.
With Soph.

Even so,
Thank you Timothy.

Tuesday 17th June 2014 - Port Talbot - ish


Wednesday 18th June 2014

Friday 20th June 2014

Saturday 21st June 2014 - Rhossili - Fairwood - Pontardawe (unknown hilltop)

Angle - Day One

Angle - Day Two - Freshwater West, the ocean

Friday 27th June 2014 - Ystradgynlais, post job interview in Brecon, pre Malta packing! 
I didn't get the job, but, I look happy. I also look a little like a stranger. Sadistically, I'm envious of that slightly sickness-slimmed face. That little monkey travelled, the following day, to Malta, with some amazing women.
Next Saturday, the 27th June 2015, Ibrahim's birthday, those amazing women and I are going to Minorca. That will help.
Thanks ladies.