Friday, 15 May 2015

Some Qualities I Exhibit (other than Narcissism...)

Reader I am difficult to motivate, you may be aware, this morning though, after about 2 weeks of eating poorly and over-eating that poor stuff to boot, I went for a pre-breakfast run not much before 9 this morn. Yes reader, I know, I'm good. 

It's as if they knew of my aching joints!

On a serious note, dear one, I am aware that one of the qualities I exhibit, or, rather, a fundamental facet of my character, is its utter changeability. Well, "the only constant is change" and all that... So, with this in mind, to hold on to this feeling of swelling gladness in me, you'll be glad to read that I'm committing to immortal digi-stone, my morn's meagre (but not for me!) achievements. 

After running and swinging and jogging home again, I am one tired lady right now. The quandary - shall I get started on that online course on my day off (because there's no time in the working day!), or, spend a lovely languid afternoon with Marlene Dumas's writings on art (and images of her own), while absolutely savouring the exhausted sensation of my limbs? What to do?


(^ Page 1 of Marlene's Sweet Nothings, taken from; "There is nothing more terrible than having a good 'talk' with someone." - Erik Andriesse)

I think that decides it!

End note- on the subject of yesterday's wandering writing mind and all the inappropriate imagery described therein, I think I'm getting along very well today. Truly.
The old Helen Jones method of everything or nothing, diverting all my attention on a very small part of life, insignificant even, soon grows tiresome and boredom creeps in. Keeping myself "occupied" will hopefully help me out here, too. 
Though, I do admit, there is a strong likelihood that if any of those desired scenarios ever hinted towards being fulfilled or realised, I would probably crumple into a hormonal, lust-fuelled heap, donate all my possessions and crawl to the next train off the island!

But, for now, as before, I get along without you very well...