Sunday, 8 March 2015

123, International Wo(e)men's Day...!

Some of these have been posted before in various other parts and pages, but, like tenuous thoughts and tenebrous ideas, they're always worth the re-affirming. (Re-)Compiling and com(juxta)posing.... 

Today is a strange day for me, a drowsy Sunday. 
Somebody has packed my skull with some substance, a condensed dust, a humid mist, causing my eyes to tear and lids to swell, light of head and heavy of heart. 
I awoke early and tired, already behind. 
The tentative sun and tentacles of to-do lists still do not manage to pull me out of the stupor. 
Being today, the day for women, I felt I should do something, small, to honour something grand. Commemorate the care and guidance, appreciate the love of the lives that have shaped mine some ways. 
Thank you the women that I'm bound to.

On a day that I learned on old lecturer of mine had died, already filled with the spirit and sentiment of remembrance and nostalgia, I feel I should thank him also. How fitting that he should highjack even this all woman's day. You were always in my experience a one-man show, centre-stage, at once tutoring on drawing, synchronously delineating your autobiography. 
A brief history of 20th Century art and Osi's personal Philosophy 101. Thank you for encouraging me, whatever your motives. For being excited by my excitement on the coach to Amsterdam. Your praise and pride when meeting my grandmother. For the Pharahoic make-up tips, Goodbye, Columbus, Coleman Hawkins, and, Marlene Dumas - my idol among artists.  I'm sure your human eternity was as full as capacity could allow. You will be very much missed by a great many.

Now to another list of idols, artists, weavers, hard workers and fellow travellers. Hail this Regiment of Women, March(8th)!

I love you.