Friday, 6 February 2015


Well, we're still in the first week of February, so I'm not as late with this post as is ordinate on this blog. I'm thinking of doing a month-by-month run down of last year in pictures, so I can move them on to my hard-drive finally. I feel I should look back on them and backlight them here so I can always find them somewhere without having to plug the external in and sift through the many many folders (I am at least getting better at labelling things sensibly). So this is January of this year, 2015, I did a de-brief of last January, 2014, last year, so the next post I'm aiming for on this thing after today's should be last February, 2014, and so on.

As I mentioned briefly here, I moved to Cardiff last month, to start a part-time job and fill the vacant room in S's flat. It was a minimally stressful transformation, and, once I'd gotten down to the important business of interior decorating, finding homes for everything (rather the fun part of moving), I didn't feel like I'd left home at all... Weird, it's not that I'm all about "stuff", possessions etc., but it's crazy how transplanting your things into another place can really help that place feel like your home. Home is where my art is or something equally trite.

I do miss that beautiful dog though! Some pictures of last month then.

Oh you!

Goodbye for now sleeping beauty!

New walk to work

some pretty twilights to be had here

sunrise on our roof

City road

Work took a little adjusting too, essentially I'm a youth representation intern at a 3rd sector organisation. They want to find out how they're engaging young people, specifically within the scope of voluntary activities, and largely what the way forward is as the financial year draws to a close. A consultation of sorts. I'm there with them until the end of March, at which point I'll be jobless again but that's for future me to cry about. Part of the job involves having a facebook profile so I can communicate with the youth panel, below is my profile picture for said profile. Appropriately bemused.

This might have been more apt!

From this

to this! Mmm...

Pretty lights improve nights, fact.

Ahoy flatmate S!

From this..

To this!

I actually hung pictures properly this time around, back home the walls were either too thin or too thick, here it was fairly painless. I like this room that's now my home. I can't quite understand how people survive with bare walls, I'm in total agreement with Einstein and his cluttered-desks retort. A blank wall does not a calm mind make.
There's been a little tension what with moving further away from T, and into a not particularly lovely area of town, so too the money worries. I will say though, the flat is pretty (cold, but) cosy and the times he's visited it's been so good to have our own space, not to have to worry about parent's being disturbed etc.,. 

The roof!


Part of the job involves going out to meet people/organisations to conduct interviews. I took this photo below from the train window on my way to Newport for a meeting at Mind. A great meeting it was too.


Last weekend I went home to pick up a few bits and to see my best brother-dog! It was odd to be back in my empty room, it isn't mine any longer. The 20 year old bed is (finally!!) being tossed and all the faulty furniture tipped. After my dad and I drove up to Craig-Y-Nos to feed the ducks, geese and swan, walk the boy and had a cuppa, we watched a documentary in front of the fire about Narcocorridos, interesting and horrific. It was good to be back in a real house, with heat an' all that. I couldn't help but not feel at home though. T then picked me up and whisked us back to the city. I miss the pooch. Oh that dog is too handsome for his own good!