Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A year and a week...

It's been quite a whirlwind, this last week and a bit, I've certainly been caught up in something (more to follow..), but, that's not why it's taken me some 380 or so days to post these photos from J.

Back in January last year I was in Abercastle in Pembroke, for my father's 50th birthday. Isolated, chilly, watching films, walking and reading, I conversed with J trans-continental-style, via iMessage, about a possible project to keep me busy creatively, whilst on the tedious job-hunt.

I first floated the idea here , and again mentioned it in another hopeful, surprisingly chirpy post here.

Since I'm here again, a year later, job-seeking in the Swansea valley, and he is still where he is, I thought about them naturally, those 8 photos he shared with me, before doubtless getting bored of my inability to post things in a timely manner!

Nevertheless, it was a joy to receive a little bit of an alien continent each day, a look into the life of someone I care about deeply. Thanks J and thank you for the captions too.

January 8th (2013)

January 9th, The sun setting on a shopping mall in HK.

January 10th, To ride the ride MTR to work. It costs roughly 47p ($5.9) in British money.

January 11th Over looking the shops in Tsim Sha Tsui (or nick named TST for short) in Hong Kong.

Janaury 12, Shoppers from the Chinese mainland make a early morning queue outside the IFC Apple Store. There are easily over 150 people waiting to get their hands on the latest Apple toys.

January 13th, Pollution is a concern for some in Hong Kong. On a good day you can see Hong Kong Island, today, only the IFC tower. In front, construction proceeds with a high speed rail link that will take people directly to Beijing from Hong Kong..

January 14th, A cat amongst the Dragon Fruit. Cats are seen as good luck here in Hong Kong, so most shop keepers will own a feline friend.

January 15th, My converse collection have started to hurt my feet. I switched brands to Adidas

January16th, Salon Films packing up their camera REDs after a shoot on Hong Kong's Temple Street.

I'll be singling out my favourite soon enough...