Saturday, 14 September 2013

Exotic Birds in Flight

I'm beginning the process of sifting through my photographs in the coming weeks, having an autumnal airing. First though, I'd like to share some photos from a seemingly long passed season. The beginnings of summer. A week away.

Wednesday the 26th of June, post work, Cherryade, homemade (made-up) bleeding heart strawberry shortbread, Flight of the Conchords and J, best bird!

I was off to Cardiff after work the following day, to stop over at Soph's for a premature (by a week) birthday celebration (mine, 6/7/89) because she'd be away on the actual day, and I was off to Menorca with my mother and hers, on Friday the 28th for a sunny little stint( not the wading bird though..).

Last minute packing and sweat-inducing bus-dashing, the next day, the 27th.

Rain's no pain as I'm travelling by train... [More on my little birthday with S another time I think, for touching was it!] Next day I boarded a plane for the fourth air-excursion of my life (Stansted to Fes, and back, and Pyrzowice to Stansted), Cardiff to Mahon!  

As ever the air proved exciting, that stomach jolt, those cloud deserts... When we arrived it was warm and there was sun, after a day and a bit (bits of Thursday and Friday) of traveling, buses, trains, planes, a tough working week on the clay and a cold close to the month of June up in north Wales, it. Was. Welcome. Nothing quite compares to that naive glory you (or I) feel initially in a new and beautiful place.

The excitement at the prospect of exploring the environs the next day, the cliffs, the clear waters, going to a Menorcan supermercado, tasting Spanish Tomatoes again, new landscapes, sights, scents, proved enough to send me off on a sound sleep (the first in a while). That and the free "welcome to the island" shot of Pomada we enjoyed at the end of our first (simple but tasty) meal there. I gave Spanish a go in my tired bravery, all went well, I communicated that I eat no meat or fish, I loved vegetables, and I was pleased to meet the waitress. I also apologised and thanked her, as I am prone to do at a first meeting in any language.

Being as I am tired, from travel, talk and type tonight, I'll end it here for now. I intend to pick up tomorrow, with the first full days in Menorca. Expect beauty.