Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Days; weekends and bleakdays.

Walking to the Job Centre, Thursday 17th of January 2013

Train to Cardiff (after a bus to Swansea from Ystrad,) later that very day.


Fully arrived, 1st time seeing Soph's  place (roof-eyed views).

Excitedly woke to this!!

Then the likes of this! How we've missed Poke-Bfasts.

Vegan-friendly lattes, with my best vegan-friendly friend.

Back home after our brave cold outing, time to watch some House and play barbershop.

Not a bad view while doing the dishes, waiting for a tea and a slice of non-dairy milk chocolate!

Monday; the sad return to reality, job-searching and affair organizing, family visiting.

A quietly long train journey.

I got off at Neath and palpably sagged as I got in the waiting car, numb, an assault of 'real-life' noise, not my real life. Someone else's noise. I'm most at ease sleeping soundlessly next to my brother, not worry-less, but unworried somehow, unhurried too. We talk, we think, we share, but we're also calm without having to purposely bring about such calms in ourselves (so I assume, S could be downing tranquilizers whenever my broad back casts a shadow!). I miss Frosties from Tunisian bowls and new Pokemon. I miss the salon, the tea-breaks, the young doctor's notebook, the old doctor, the recently disabled doctor. Mostly I miss my peace doctor. Even in a chilly front room where my breath is visible before me. I'm scared about not being able to visit regularly and for as long. I'm disgusted by the prospect of another month passing.

Maybe we should have stayed on the wrong train...