Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Reasons to be cheerful #4

A couple of Thursday's ago, as I was getting ready to leave for the Job center (then Cardiff), this day, I received the above featured calendar in the post. With this card;

The text is: dużo, dużo szczęšcia Marzeń, o które warto walczyć! Radości, która warto się dzielić! Przyjaciół, z którymi warto być! Nadziei, bez której nie da się żyć!

Of course it is...

Our friend google translate gives us an idea of meaning: lots and lots of luck, Dreams worth fighting for! Joy that is worth sharing! Friends with whom you should be! Hope, without which it is impossible to live!

They sit atop my door frame, that I can look up to them whenever needs must.

I can't quite capture how it feels to receive something like this, so unexpected, so touching. Using their photographs and some of my own from Facebook, Mat's parents Ewa and Irek and possibly with the help of a certain computer aficionado Bartek, made this just for me! As a reminder of the good times I had in Poland during my stay there spanning half of 2012. I think if I hadn't have had that home in Kazimierza Wielkiego, with 4 awesome Andrzejewskis looking out for me and making me feel at home, I wouldn't have lasted out as long as I did. They made what seemed like a scary and overwhelming life bearable. They're kind and considerate and really warm people, and they sent me a little piece of that generosity of spirit and encouragement.  

Just over a week later the last box of my stuff arrived from Poland, odds and ends that didn't fit into the other boxes, and, this (!!!) : 

A miniature of the block of flats that was my home for a Summer and an Autumn!

Complete with beautiful lit-windows!!!

I mean how awesomely thoughtful, creative, loving, I just can't think of adjectives that are fit enough! How spectacular a surprise is this?!

I couldn't test it out until today, when the EU - UK adapter came through the post, and then I had to wait a few hours because there was another (possibly wind induced) power cut this afternoon. Me oh my was it worth the wait! I've always wanted to make a light box, now I know people 'in the know', who could help me out. I don't think any team could ever top this effort though.

It made me think, how bloody lucky I am that there are people out there, not just people who love and care about me, but people who actually go to efforts to raise a smile in me. And it works, I feel warmer, I feel, potential, something like hope, gratitude, and all of these other strong and good things that I'm capable of feeling but really need reminding now and then. A little message here and there, an interesting link, band recommendations or a photo-message here and there, these are all little touches of extension, little draws inwards, small acceptances... I wish I had more courage to create and share...

Today I sat in the living room and filled in numerous online forms for what may well be virtual jobs, I didn't leave the house again, but, the light was nice.