Saturday, 5 January 2013

A merry month ago...

November 30th - December 2nd; weekend away in Wrocław, sort of pronounced like 'vrotzwav'.
I won't delve into detail too much, if you're at all curious ask... I will say these are only some photos of the lovely things we saw, it was a marvelous city, and I'll post separately about arts etc., this is just us wandering around an unfamiliar and welcoming place.

Swanky new Katowice train station.


Wroclaw station was super fancy too.

More like a castle really....

I came to realize this city loves its' 'public art', or street sculpture, lot of Bronze too...

The dwarves are sort of a famous Wroclaw thing, like 'nobody knows how many there are' type stuff...

Our 'double room' at The One hostel.

I don't know!

Oh dear...

cheeky disguised bottle of Krupnik, a very nice herbal liqueur, drinking in the streets is not permitted in Poland.

This was a huge up-ended train sculpture, quite strange and lovely. 

And of course there was a Christmas market in the square.

Weather was very kind to us on days two and three after an uncharacteristically drizzly day Friday.

Veggie cafe 'Kalambur', it was beautiful to look at from the outside in the daytime, pleasant and warm to be hidden away in the evening.

Then we came upon this street with brass engraved/embossed tiles on the cobbles, commemorating historical times in the city's past.

Essentially the plaques show each time the city changed hands (German, Prussian, Austro-Hungarian (Ottoman), Czech, and U.S.S.R I guess, jeeze, talk about bad neighbours!), or something historic took place, so 2012 would be Euro 2012.

The architecture was crazy and beautiful, Ecclesiastical, touches of Deco and Nouveau here and there, and shameless socialist brutes to boot!

As I understand it, the German's built the huge exhibition hall in 1913, and it's all lovely, etc., so later, in the 50s or something the Russians decided to build a giant needle, to show they can build too, and that they're 'ard I guess. Google's just a page away but I'm too lazy to verify at this stage of the evening!


Moonrise Kingdom!

Another Vegan heaven.

I couldn't sleep, neither could she, late night hostel view.

Pronounced like gwoov.... I know.... !

hello little fella

Dining cart. It was a proper train, with compartments and everything!

Sunday evening snow in Katowice. 

Snow in D-W