Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sun in your eyes

I seem to write the most coherent or complete notes when we've been away for the weekend somewhere. S usually features. I think I miss her when I'm exploring new cities. She's my original expedition partner. I never even knew Swansea before S, Cardiff opened to me with her, London shrank and became navigable, we saw Stratford-upon-Avon once, on another journey it saw us.
I miss her especially when I'm in a new city then.

I'd recently been introduced to an amazing track, so much feeling, so much bloody depth, dizzying levels. Listen to it. I took a gamble and played a facebook link, I don't usually, depends whose posting I guess. Anyway, I love it.
This was written on a trip to Krakow, I think M was relieving himself. 

Sun in your eyes;
I listened to this before work one October afternoon, the weather outside already set on evening. Bereft, listening for the sake of activity merely.
 Not breathtaking. 
Cinematically heart-stopping- no. 
Gasped, sure enough. 

A big and deep gasping searching breath. 

This feeling, belonging, understanding, shared, part, party. 
I needed this gasp, to fill me- my blood. 
Such need for these elements to weight my blood, push, drag it violently around my channels. 
To spread this feeling, with my blood, the vehicle. 

My blood. 

New life with this feeling, it was apart and part of my bloodied mind, deep, concrete, such understanding-perfection. 

A friend. 

My friend. In the most acutely touching music I see you.

My friend.

By the look on your beautiful face.