Saturday, 25 February 2012

25th February - a)

Looking through thousands of photographs of #2 in my store, I'm struck by the number of possible divisions and sub-sections I could compile, by image theme/subject matter, in one super folder of images of her. I never tire of photographing her.

This morning, in an attempt to pick out and compile a record of some of our more memorable recorded times, I was literally dumbfounded by the sheer number of candidates.

Sometimes, in deepest nostalgia I look over photographs of our times shared. Particularly those times that I convince myself I'm unfeeling, miserable and that I've never loved. I laugh at my idiocy, I laugh aloud at some of the faces we've made, the postures taken.

I just happened to single out these seven, while looking through folders of 'work' we've assembled, seeking examples of it. As is evident I didn't select any 'work', (of which there is a copious amount, and beautiful at that, yeah I said it, and it's true!) I was more interested, this morning, for the moment, in the fact that I have at my disposal many pieces of photographic evidence to support the claim that #2 owns a camera, and has, on occasion, used it.
What made me laugh was the fact that these were taken largely during our joint 1st year as Fine Art students, and since then, since #2 became an official Photography in the Arts student, she has probably used her camera significantly less! This not only helps to sum up her approach to making, but our relationship, and our approach to life at large. Wistful, a strange looking forward with semi-hope, and looking back in deep regret. Having some ridiculously big, crude laughs now and then.