Sunday, 6 February 2011

Weekend back 'home'

I'm not sure about the protocol here. Never sure about the protocols. Whether it's the rules of academia, or the rites of social interaction. So, I guess I just do this, in a quasi-awkward address to you the unknown (potential) viewer. Of course it's not too bad. I'm just typing into a box on a bed (about typing into a box, on a bed). Easy for one so "pretentious and artsy", surely... Oh dear.
(I do hope this isn't too shit, and, yes I did just find the Italic tool!)

I went home to do some work I didn't get done, took some photographs on a friend's camera that I don't know how to use. I'm back home again, the walls are thin, the wind is up, and the work is still undone. Here are last weekends photographs.

The 'work' I keep putting off is a little Dissertation on Silence. Defining and categorizing it in the visual arts.

Apparently Im "expecting to achieve too much with the work", and that's what's "getting me down", not quite. I think it's only reasonable to despair when, if your work is an attempt to learn more about Silence in Painting, Photography, and Sculpture, or to soothe a pedant, the Visual Arts, and to learn more about the different kinds of Silences, it's understandable to get a little flustered when faced with a constant barrage of "but... it's all quiet though, innit, they don't make no noise, 'part from vidjos and talkin' and stuff... innit though?" (Helen it's unflattering of you to deride the opinions of others in such crass a manner, and to address yourself in third person, idiot!)

But, we're "not supposed to worry about what other people are thinking", as I'm too many times told... It is hard, though, when that's all there is. Other people's thoughts.