Friday, 18 February 2011

An explanation.

I thought it would be ok to be more specific about what interests me and encourages me to make visual work. 
My work involves an attempt to give form to absence, a kind of framing of silence.

It can be defined as a futile search for enlightenment and an attempted grasp of Utopia, which can never be attained but which is not unavailing. 

If we can consider light as a positive form and a presence, then we could infer a negative absence in the regard of shadows. By pinpointing and attributing such qualities, shadows and light form a language of negative and positive, silence and utterance, lack and abundance, and so forth. 

By developing a language from those things, using lines as signifiers of and interlocutors between absence and presence, what is known and what is not, we can learn of such elusive properties as absence and presence themselves. 

This envolves being constantly engaged with any given environment I inhabit.In order to not let absence pass me by.

To try and touch the Silence...

In my most recent practice, visually, this takes the form of photographs (in themselves contentious as indexical documents and contortionists of time) of architectural forms, particularly passages, windows and doors (in-between spaces whose meaning is conventionally dictated by their contextual functionality.


Spaces often considered lesser parts of a whole,

 pathways between the corporeal and discarnate... 

                                       Vessels to emptiness.